Attorney, partner

Irina Grinenko

Graduate of Oryol Local Academy of Civil Service.

Irina Grinenko provides highly experienced legal support in the course of proceedings in the courts of general jurisdiction and courts of commercial disputes in many regions of the Russian Federation including the Supreme Arbitrazh Court and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Irina Grinenko provides legal support and represents major companies including companies in Gazprom Group. She is the author of a number of articles and comments in legal periodicals, including the journal Arbitrazhnaya Praktika (Practice of Commercial Disputes).

Areas of practice: civil law, civil and arbitration proceedings, labour law, forensic enquiry, enforcement proceedings.

Legal assistance in complex court disputes concerning:

  • contracts (construction, purchase and sale, lease, service, gas supply and gas transmission, loan facility contracts, surety agreements, license agreements, assignment agreements, etc.)
  • invalidating of transactions/contracts, holding them void, in particular due to their significance or involvement of related parties
  • reclamation of property from unlawful possession (rei vindicatio)
  • declaring the construction of a gas pipeline illegal and forcing to remove the obstacles to using land lots
  • declaration of title to real estate property
  • challenging cadastral values
  • recovery of damage caused by a road traffic accident in particular from insurance companies
  • consumer protection disputes
  • labor disputes (reinstatement in a job, wrongful termination, recovery of wages, bonuses, recognition of a fixed-term labor contract as concluded for indefinite period, compelling to grant a power of attorney to the head of the branch office), participation in disputes on the side of employees as well as employers
  • administrative disputes (invalidation of legal acts of the antitrust authorities, state, technical, sanitary control and supervision bodies, the labor inspection; administrative orders imposing administrative sanctions against legal entities and officials).

Major proceedings:

  • Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation No. 1850/11, Case N А40−5798/10−58−76, of June 21, 2011. The suit regarding invalidation of a surety agreement was dismissed as the disputed contract contained the object of the contract, and all the terms required to determine the scope of liability of the guarantor; the courts' previous conclusion that the claimant hadn’t been familiarized with the text of the credit contract were deemed incorrect being that at the time of making the disputed deal he was the founder of the borrower and could not be unaware of the circumstances in which the credit contract was executed.
  • Decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 37−003−15 of November 04, 2003. The sentence in a case of assault related to robbery, murder and threat of homicide was changed and the punishment was mitigated as the defendant had been actively engaged in the solution of the crime, plead guilty, was young and hadn’t taken an active part in the crimes and had positive references.