Tatiana Rokotyan

Graduate of Chursin Stavropol University

Professional experience: since 2002

Tatiana has extensive experience of lawsuits support in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in many regions of the Russian Federation, including bankruptcy cases.

Work experience:

  • Bankruptcy proceedings support (supervision, external management, bankruptcy management)
  • Bidding under sale of debtor’s property
  • Representation of interests of credit companies over insolvency (bankruptcy) cases
  • Representation of creditors’ interests under contestation of deals by an insolvency official
  • Representation of interests in disputes declaring bidding as invalid
  • Preparation of documentation to creditors’ meetings, such as preparation of insolvency official’s reports, list of creditors’ claims

Advanced training:

  • 2011−2012 — “Bankruptcy of legal entities, practical application” (Law school “Statut”)
  • 2015 — “Bankruptcy practice” (Law institute “M-Logos”)
  • 2017 — “Subsidiary responsibility of debtor’s controllers under bankruptcy”, “Good faith in civil legislation” (Law school “Statut”)

Areas of practice:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Arbitration proceeding
  • Civil law
  • Enforcement proceeding
  • Contestation of action (inaction) of state authorities