Svetlana Hrulkova

Graduate of Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Institute

Professional experience: since 2010

Advanced training:

  • October 2016 — “First anniversary of private bankruptcy in Russia”
  • June 2017 — “Private bankruptcy”
  • June 2017 — “Court practice on criminal cases regarding crimes connected with bankruptcy”
  • June 2017 — “New institutes of liability right: have they assimilated?”
  • July 2017 — “Judicial expenses. How to determine the amount for sure?”

Practice areas:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil law
  • Litigation and arbitration practice
  • Contract and claim work
  • Enforcement proceeding

Svetlana has successful experience of clients’ interests defense in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction including cases over private bankruptcy and bankruptcy of legal entities in particular contractors of Gazprom group of companies in different regions of the Russian Federation.