Attorney, partner

Victor Zaytsev

Graduate of Dzerzhinsky Kharkov Law Institute.

Victor Zaytsev was awarded with the diploma of the Moscow Region Chamber of Lawyers for successful advocacy, devotion to professional duty and dedication to the Russian tradition of legal practice.

For several decades he served in prosecution authorities, working his way up from a local district attorney’s office to the office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

He took part in tracking of international criminals in cooperation with the field services. He was directly engaged in the efforts at extradition of 13 Chechen militants who had illegally crossed the border of the Republic of Georgia.

While working at the Prosecutor’s Office of Moscow Region in the capacity of a criminal investigator he was engaged in identification and criminal prosecution of Chikatilo and Golovkin who were sentenced to death. In his opinion the participation in these cases became the key milestone in his career as a prosecutor.

He retired from office in the rank of State Judical Counselor 3rd Class (Major General of Justice) and was awarded a badge of honor “Honorable Worker of the Public Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation”.

Working as an attorney-at-law he was engaged in several high-profile cases. In particular, he was the defense attorney of Berezovsky’s brother-in-law arrested under warrant granted by Babushkinsky Court of the city of Moscow for a grave mercenary crime (the murder of a businessman). Moreover, he successfully represented the clients in the case regarding the takeover of Stupinsky Iron and Steel Works initiated by the deputy corps members — Varshavsky, Zhirinovsky.

He routinely provides free legal advice to citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners who receive competent legal advice and further assistance, including their temporary accommodation in municipal residential facilities in Moscow and Moscow Region.

This is how Victor Zaytsev sees the complex task of an attorney-at-law: “The practice (in and out of the prosecutor’s office) shows that many employees of the prosecutor’s office think that participation of an attorney-at-law in the proceedings does not change anything, like a priest’s requiem service — nobody listens to his wishes or requirements. Therefore, his work is not easy to perform. But a true attorney-at-law being an important element of the proceedings prevents violation of law, strives to find the truth in the case, tries to “take in hand” the most zealous fighters against criminality reminding them about the benefit of the doubt stipulated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation”.

Areas of practice:

  • Criminal law