Antitrust Law

Assistance in course of formal proceedings in antitrust authorities:

  • representation in the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS), local subdivisions of FAS in the cases of breach of antitrust law, advertising law, cases of administrative offences;
    representation in FAS, local subdivisions of FAS in the cases on the claims of breaches of the provisions of law related to government procurement and procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of legal entities;
  • preparation and filing to FAS of applications reporting breaches of antitrust law, laws on government procurement and procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of legal entities.

Assistance in court disputes with antitrust authorities:

  • challenging of decisions and instructions of antitrust authorities in court;
  • challenging of antitrust bodies' resolutions on imposing administrative sanctions on legal entities and/or officials;
  • challenging of orders on entering business entities into the Register of Business Entities with a market share of certain goods exceeding 35% or having a dominant position in the market of certain goods;
  • representation of clients in judicial proceedings related to realization of antitrust law.

Consulting in the field of the antitrust regulation:

  • consulting on matters of legality of the requirements of antitrust authorities and the order of their execution;
  • consulting on matters of providing information upon requests of antitrust bodies;
  • consulting on matters of compliance of the company’s documents and the actions of its officials with the provisions of antitrust legislation;
  • consulting regarding deals subject to control of antitrust authorities, drafting and filing notifications and petitions to FAS;
  • consulting in course of inspections performed by antitrust authorities, including comprehensive support and assistance during such inspections ensuring full observance of the rights and interests of the person (s) being investigated;
  • providing legal opinion on antitrust risks and ways of their minimization, assistance in different clients' projects with regard to antitrust regulation.