Within the judicial procedure of bankruptcy the court resolves the conflict of a debtor and its creditors, which arises as a result of the debtor’s incapability to service its debts. The court takes into consideration the interests of many parties, as well as the public interests of the state. Therefore bankruptcy procedure involves solving various procedural and economic tasks. Thus only professional legal support can provide full and proper protection of your interests.

Kazakov and Partners Attorneys at Law possess wide practical experience in cases of bankruptcy of ‘problem’ companies.

In order to secure the most favorable way out of bankruptcy situations we provide the following services:

  • Identifying and assessment of the debtor’s risks (including tax, administrative, criminal consequences) and suggesting preventing bankruptcy measures.
  • Finding possible solutions to minimize potential risks for the debtor (its officers and participants).
  • Devising a step-by-step strategy for each stage of the bankruptcy.
  • Assessment of the essential transactions of the debtor and identifying the possibility of them being declared invalid.
  • Preparation and filing of the necessary applications for bankruptcy in course of the so-called 'controlled' bankruptcy.
  • Identifying the candidacies of insolvency administrators approved by the debtor.
  • Organization and conducting meetings with the creditors in order to reach agreements favorable for the client.
  • Representation of the debtors’ interests in the court commercial disputes, and other thereto related proceedings.
  • Determining the order of disposal of the debtor’s property and devising a plan of external management or financial recovery.
  • Carrying out replacement of the debtor’s assets.
  • Assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Drafting amicable agreements, assistance in conclusion and execution thereof.
  • Conducting auctions and tenders for the purpose of selling the debtor’s property (including the pledged property).