Administrative Law

Kazakov and Partners, Attorneys at Law is always at your service:

  • to protect your rights infringed or unlawfully affected by decisions, acts, omissions of public authorities, municipal institutions or officials;
    to determine the legality or unlawfulness of acts or omissions of authorities, resolutions, decisions, statutory acts, regulations and other documents issued by public authorities which impose administrative sanctions;
  • to examine certain matters of business relations in order to determine possible risks of business operation in regard to compliance with current administrative legislation, and ways to minimize or avoid such risks ;
  • to provide consulting and support during the controlling proceedings, check-ups of controlling public authorities and imposing administrative sanctions. In case of indistinctness of the order of execution of a resolution on the administrative case our lawer will assist in application for clarification of the way and order of such execution to the court, executive body or officer which issued the resolution;
  • to appeal to the superior body a decision, action (omission) of authorities, a resolution on imposing administrative sanctions, a court decision on a case of administrative offence.

Kazakov and Partners, Attorneys at Law provide top notch support in the matters related to administrative offence and will:

  • work out the legal strategy and defense arguments;
  • prepare the procedural documents (applications, petitions), handle the correspondence and hold meetings with the representatives of administrative authorities;
  • participate in the hearings of cases of administrative offence involving individuals or entities.
  • We provide defense of violated rights and interests of individuals and entities in various types of administrative relations: in the sphere of road safety regulations, environmental protection, protection of property, finances, taxation, customs regulations and other areas of legal relationships.