Criminal Law

  • Defense and representation of interests of legal entities and physical persons in relations with law enforcement authorities at the stage of pre-investigation check, and in course of an initiated criminal case, in the process of tax audits and inspections by other state authorities within their supervisory activities.
  • Assistance in criminal cases including disputing in superior courts of previously imposed sentences when necessary to re-qualify criminal actions into civil law field (and vice versa).
  • Consulting on the matter of legality of the requests of law enforcement authorities to provide documents and data by legal entities and physical persons, and any other information.
  • Participation in interrogations (questioning) of clients in law enforcement authorities, with submitting requests, petitions, filings, applications.
  • Full-scale consulting, devising a proper defense strategy, with involvement of all necessary specialists and/or experts.
  • Giving seminars and lectures for the company’s staff on relevant topics of criminal and administrative procedures.