On behalf of PJSC Gazprom and on my own behalf, I thank you for your cooperation, mutual understanding and partnership, which I am sure will grow stronger every year.
EV Mikhailova Member of the Management Board, Head of the Department of PJSC Gazprom

Non-standard approaches to, the solution of legal conflicts, a high level of competence and qualification of specialists, a focus on positive results distinguish “Kazakov and Partners” Lawyers from other law firms in Russia.
MI Lukyanchikov General Director of OOO Gazprom Gaznadzor

Film company Debut and I personally want to note the excellent work of the senior lawyer Naida AA This is primarily due to the ban on showing our film “Goldfish” on pirated sites, which turned out to be more than 26, which caused undeniable commercial losses.
Tokarev Director General of the Debut Film Company

With the help of the Law Office “Kazakov and Partners" we managed to protect our rights. Lawyers adopted non-standard solutions in our business, which resulted in a complete victory.
T.V. Kalinina General Director of LLC “Kalinka Event”

Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC expresses its gratitude to the lawyers of “Kazakov and Partners" for successfully protecting the interests of Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC in the Moscow Arbitration Court as a defendant in the case of disputing the results of open request for proposals.
R.N. Ismagilov I.O. The Director-General

Open Joint-Stock Company Gazprom nefthim Salavat, in my person, expresses its gratitude to the Law Office “Kazakov & Partners” for high-quality and professional work on representing interests in the judiciary.
P.V. Alushkin Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance and Legal Affairs

The public joint-stock company “Krasnoyarskgazprom” represented by General Director Mikhail Vladimirovich Sirotkin thanks the Law Office “Kazakov and Partners” for fruitful and effective cooperation in legal support of the Company’s activities.
M.V. Sirotkin Director General

Open joint-stock company “Regiongazholding” expresses gratitude to the Law Office “Kazakov and Partners” for professionally rendered legal assistance and representation of our interests in arbitration courts and law enforcement agencies.
O.V. Botsiev

I would like to note that during the long joint work of our companies Law Office “Kazakov and Partners” has established itself as a reliable partner in the field of jurisprudence and complex legal support of business.
S.V. Arkhangelsk, Executive Director of ROF. study of the heritage of PA. Stolypin

With the efforts of the attorneys of the Bureau on two cases No. А29−9427−2013 and No. А29−9430−2013 on invalidating OFAS decisions in the Komi Republic on violation of the antimonopoly legislation by the Company in the procurement of goods, works, services, a positive result was achieved, namely, the contested non-normative acts were declared invalid, the legality of judicial acts is confirmed by the courts of higher instances.
A.V. Gayvoronsky, General Director of Gazprom transgaz Ukhta

We highly appreciate the work done by you, which led to a positive result and allowed us to protect the interests of the company in these litigations.
V.N. Akhmetova, Deputy General Director of Gazprom transgaz Kazan LLC

Law firm “Kazakov and Partners" services are rendered with due quality. It is necessary to note the high level of organization of the provision of legal assistance, the professionalism of employees, the conscientious attitude to the tasks set in the contract and the successful solution of them. Thank you for your cooperation.
P.M. Sozonov, Director General of Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk

Thanks to Lawyers of the Law Office, we were able to maximize the protection of our interests, avoid a number of negative consequences, improve our management system, and rationally build relationships with our counterparties.
M.I. Lukyanchikov, General Director of Rosshelf CJSC

With the participation of the Law Office “Kazakov and Partners”, it was possible to prevent the seismic exploration of ZD at the Nyamaisk and Skuratov licensed areas of the Kara Sea.
A.V. Davydov, General Director of OOO Gazprom Geologorazvedka

Advocates of the Law Office represent our interests in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts. The management of cases in the courts distinguishes creative approach, deprived of ordinary standards, the desire to find a way out of any situation, thorough study of the legal position in the case and the tactics of the process.
S.E. Ivanin, Head of Legal Department, Gazprom-Mezhregiongaz LLC

From the team of OOO Mezhregiongaz and personally accept sincere congratulations on the 12th anniversary of the creation of “Kazakov and Partners" Law Firm!
V. Mikhailova, Deputy General Director of OOO Mezhregiongaz

I want to express my gratitude to the Law Office “Kazakov and Partners"” with whom I have the honor and pleasure to cooperate for many years.
Vladimir Avdeev