Sports law

We Provide thev wide range of services

Consulting of athletes, coaches, agents, clubs, national associations on the issues of Russian and International sports law:

  • Drafring up and legal expertize of contracts of athletes and coaches;
  • Drafring up and legal expertize of transfer agreements;
  • Drafring up and legal expertize sponsorship and advertising contracts, agents' agreements;
  • Consulting on regulations and anti-doping compliance;
  • Advising in taxation in professional sports;
  • Legal support of aquiring and changing of sports citizenship.

Representing athletes and coaches at all stages of negotiations.

Disputes resolution in the jurisdiction of sports leagues, national and international federations (including KHL, FHR, IIHF, RFU, FIFA), as well as in courts, including:

  • Contractual disputes;
  • Anti-doping and disqualification disputes;
  • Injury and insurance payments disputes.