Bills of exchange Law

  • Legal examination of bills of exchange and other securities.
  • Legal support of deals with securities, including drafting contracts and exhibits thereto.
  • Protection of interests of investors in the securities market.
  • Performing all the actions necessary for presentation and protesting of a bill (in close cooperation with the notary). Bill notification.

We will help you find an adequate solution for every difficult situation and protect your interests in the following disputes involving securities:

  • on identifying the owner of stock/shares;
  • on realization of rights related to the ownership of securities;
  • on issuance of securities;
  • regarding the securities registrar with the Central Bank of Russia;
  • in the matters of encumbrance on securities and thecorresponding rights;
  • on collecting the amount of the bill debt;
  • on challenging of deals with securities;
  • on restoration of rights of the holder of a lost bearer or order bill.