Land Law

People in this country are becoming more and more aware of the utmost importance of knowledge in the sphere of land property rights, namely of how to form or obtain a land lot, how to legally formalize building a construction thereon, make a deal with it, etc., as it is the prerequisite for any other activity and even for the life itself.

The advantage of Kazakov and Partners Attorneys at Law is that we take a broader view on the notion of land instead of reducing it to primitive concepts and usual clichés like «land = a construction site» or «land = an object of trade». We rather view it as «land — a territory», «land — an environmental object», «land — the basic source of agricultural production». We do not stick to urban land, on the contrary, our experience includes dealings with forest land resources, lands of agriculture, etc. We cooperate with the best Russian experts in land law. This broad approach results in successfully accomplished projects in securing the right to place any objects, from large strategic structures to small vegetable gardens, from linear objects extending through tens of regions to some several square meters of land adjacent to a private house.

If you don’t know how to deal with a «land matter» or other specialists refused to help in an «unsolvable» situation

— feel free to contact us. Kazakov and Partners Attorneys at Law will do the best to assist and solve any land issue

— no matter how complicated.