The Abduction of Europa

On the 7th of February Juri Zaitsev - the leading expert in the sphere of natural gas export - gave a lecture for specialists of Kazakov and Partners Attorneys at Law.

If, as they say, politics grow from economics, it would not be an exaggeration to state that European politics of Russia does root in economy of Gazprom corporation. And exactly owing to the good will of the management of corporation the Decline of the West predicted by Spengler is postponed at the moment so far.

This is a conclusion coming from the speech of Juri Zaitsev “The Russian gas on the European market”.

The audience of our bureau is deeply delighted and sincerely admire the encyclopedic immense erudition of speaker, his skills to catch and hold audience attention while speaking on cubic metres, supplies, gas parametres, and capacities of underground gas storages.

The video of this lecture will be on our website soon.

PS. A quite little known fact: the first literature experience of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a purely scientific article “The testing of gas pipelines for a leak”. However, the great storyteller could not keep to this high level line, and proceeded with indulging the low tastes of a crowd with A Study in Scarlet.

Watch and listen to Juri Zaitsev and you will clearly see the true-meaning of terms: acknowledgement, service and high style!