Natalya Bokova

Attorney, partner

Graduate of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL).

Professional experience since 1991.

Natalya Bokova holds the diploma of the Moscow Region Chamber of Lawyers for successful advocacy, devotion to professional duty and dedication to the Russian tradition of legal practice.

Natalya Bokova’s characteristic features are:

  • affordable prices (combined with appropriate experience and qualification)
  • individual approach to every client
  • availability to all social groups
  • professional solution of any problem
  • a whole range of attorney services: starting from oral advice to representation in courts of different jurisdictions
  • proper assistance in complex issues.

Natalya Bokova has successfully handled many cases ensuring favorable solutions determining the fate of her clients and their relatives.

Her motto is: each case is a matter of honor!

As an expert attorney-at-law she participated in TV programs of the First channel, TV-channels Stolitsa, PROdengi, gave her comments on the radio Business-FM, Commersant-FM, etc.

Areas of practice:

  • Family law (prenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, disputes regarding child custody, termination of parental rights, paternity suits, alimony/child support recovery, family arrangement, etc.)
  • Inheritance law (representing the client in matters of acceptance of inheritance at a notary’s office, collection of documents required for accession to the heirship; extension of the term established for acceptance of inheritance; ascertainment of acceptance of inheritance; determination of shares in the inherited property; declaration of title under a legal or testamentary succession)
  • Housing law (advice on housing issues, in particular: termination of title to use residential unit; eviction from or occupancy of any residential unit; disputing inheritance of residential facilities; disputes concerning invalidation of purchase and sale agreements, annuity agreements, gift contracts, etc.; disputes concerning occupation of a residential unit; disputes related to utility fees, other housing disputes)
  • Labour law (advice on labour law, drawing up legal opinions pertaining to labor law issues)
  • Legal representation in all kinds of labour disputes, personnel support
  • Insurance
  • Collection of debts
  • Consumer protection, etc.