Housing Law

Consulting assistance regarding:​

  • accrual, realization, alteration, termination of the right to possession;
  • usage and disposal of residential units;
  • usage of the common property of the owners of residential units;
  • maintenance and keeping of residential units;
  • replanning and reconstruction of residential units;
  • managing of multiple apartment houses;
  • establishing and conducting operation of housing unions and cooperatives, realization of rights of the participants of such unions and cooperatives;
  • providing utility services and payment for such services;
  • cooperative housing projects;
  • housing subsidies and mortgage loans;
  • putting on an accommodation waiting list for social housing;
  • state registration of real estate rights ;
  • housing privatization;
  • contracts of life estate and permanent alimony.

Assistance in deals with real estate (purchase and sale, gift, exchange deals). ​

  • invalidation of real estate deals;
  • commercial lease agreements of residential units;
  • social lease of residential units, amending of social lease contracts;
  • providing housing in connection with demolition;
  • taxation of housing.